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Weekly Dose of Metal: Sybreed

And now it’s time for the weekly dose of Metal, as opposed to the random dose of Metal or even “today’s” dose of Metal. Confused? Remind me of my sexuality.

This week’s dose comes from a Swiss Industrial band, Sybreed. The band have been dubbed as “death wave”, a portmanteau of Death Metal and New Wave. And when I say they’ve been “dubbed”, I mean that’s just what Wikipedia informed me.

You can check out Sybreed‘s ‘A.E.O.N.’ taken from 2009’s The Pulse of Awakening below.


Weekly Dose of Metal: With Passion

It probably seems odd, for lack of a better word, to post a ‘Weekly Dose of Metal’ straight after a ‘random dose of metal’, but I guess I’m an odd kind of guy. I mean I’m writing for Dose of Metal, so I have to be. Just ask fellow Dose of Metal writer Alex’s mom.

This week’s edition is all about a band called With Passion, a Melodic Death Metal band from Sacramento, California. They unfortunately broke up in 2007. That’s also the year I broke up with my wife, although I wouldn’t say that was unfortunate… The crappy picture above is unfortunate though, whilst we’re at it, but it’s the best quality photo of the band I could find on the internet, sorry.

The song ‘Train Wreck Orchestra’ is taken from 2004’s In The Midst of Bloodied Soil and can be heard below.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Hate Eternal

Do you know what’s awesome? Hate. Do you know what would be, like, totally awesome? If hate could somehow become eternal. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I sometimes wonder how many of these Death Metal bands come up with their names (I’d personally call my band Jesus Has His Eyes Gouged Out By An Erect Penis), but what does it really matter when the music kicks so much ass? And that’s exactly what Hate Eternal do.

To answer my pointless rantings though, the band are named after an old Ripping Corpse demo song, but all you need to do is listen to the song ‘I Monarch’ taken from the album of the same name below and everything will be all right.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Cathedral

Cathedral are a psychedelic Doom Metal band from England, that began by playing very slow and heavy forms of the music, but later went on to create more groove inspired, upbeat and experimental music. Their debut album Forest of Equilibrium was released in 1991 and is considered a classic by fans of the Doom genre, but it is the latter, more experimental albums that have gained the most praise.

Third album The Carnival Bizarre was much closer to Stoner Rock in musical style, and gained rave review from critics and fans alike. You can listen to the song ‘Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)’ taken from that very album below. The song kicks ass!


Weekly Dose of Metal: Sylosis

This week’s Dose of Metal is from the UK’s Thrash Metal act, Sylosis. Some of you with a good memory will remember I reviewed the band’s second album Edge of the Earth a couple of months ago, and I really enjoyed it.

The Weekly Dose of Metal this week is the song ‘After Lifeless Years’ taken from the band’s first album, the 2008 Conclusion of an Age.  This features an older lineup of the band, prior to the leaving of vocalist Jamie Graham. You can check out this awesome slab of Metal below.

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