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Weekly Dose of Metal: Hypocrisy

Last week the unthinkable occurred; no ‘Weekly Dose of Metal’ was posted. I know what you’re thinking; “Holy fucking monkey balls!” right? Wait, what’s that, you didn’t even notice? Ah well. You may have also not noticed that I haven’t been too active on the blog recently. Where have I been? No doubt you’d expect me to insert some sort of joke about me discovering a certain porn star and needing a week’s annual leave to masturbate continuously, but that would just be immature wouldn’t it?

If you’re still reading this by now, congratulations, you deserve a medal for deciphering through my poorly written opening paragraph, that has nothing to do with neither Metal nor Hypocrisy. So as a reward, you can listen to the song ‘Deathrow/No Regrets’ (wow, two names? That’s almost as awesome as my two penis’s), taken from the album Into the Abyss, below.


Weekly Dose of Metal: The Absence

The Absence are an American Melodic Death Metal band with Thrash influences, and are noticeable within the genre for being one of the only bands not to rip At The Gates off.

Just kidding, they kind of do. But what’s a few ‘borrowed’ riffs when the bulk of the music kicks ass and the band stand out as masters’ of their craft?

Check out the song ‘Heaven Ablaze’ below, taken from the band’s 2005 debut, From Your Grave, below.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Obituary

This week’s dose of Metal is Obituary, for no particular reason other than they kind of kick a lot of ass. Well more ass than I kick. Have you seen me? I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag.

Obituary are a North American Death Metal band, and as a reader of Dose of Metal, you should know that. You should also know that the band formed in the mid 80’s and are a fundamental act in the development of Death Metal music. A bit like I’m a fundamental  person in the development of awesomeness.

The song ‘Don’t Care’ can be heard below and is taken from 1994’s World Demise. The song has been considered by many as a protest song against Man-made pollution. That’s not a very ‘Death Metal-y’ topic, but the song will desecrate your ears regardless.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Shining

The weekly dose is dying a fairly long and painful death, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it end with some kind of dignity. No, I’m going to drag it on until the day I become so bored with it, I find myself sticking needles in my eyes.

Speaking of self harm, this week’s dosage is from a band we’ve posted about before. It’s none other than self-mutilating, suicide endorsing, black metal genius’s, Shining.

When fellow DoM writer Guido suggested this band to me, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Not that Guido has bad taste, on the contrary his taste is amazing. The problem, however, was that I’ve never been a huge black metal fan and that, in addition, I have kind of lost faith in modern metal, at least to a certain extent.

Shining are more than just your typical black metal band though. Much more. Here you have a band that are absolute masters of their craft, have more dynamics than Opeth, and are kings of songwriting. The majority of the band’s songs deal with depression (at least I think they do. I can’t understand Swedish).

Listen to ‘Längtar bort från mitt hjärta’ taken from 2007’s V: Halmstad and you’ll understand exactly what I mean. The piano sections accompanied by a woman crying in pain, having lost all hope, is one of the most power things I’ve heard recently in music.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Breed 77

Maybe I’m alone here, but despite the, at times, generic Latin infused style of metal that is a prominent feature of Breed 77‘s music, I still found them to be an awesome band. And hey, they’re not anywhere near as contrived as bands like Ill Nino.

Breed 77 are a British band from the overseas territory of Gibraltar whose music is a fusion of alternative metal and flamenco. The band’s second album, 2004’s Cultura, was their breakthrough album and remains to this date their best album (at least in my opinion – which, as you should know by now, is always right).

The song ‘World’s On Fire’ taken from Cultura can be listened to below.

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