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Streaming through — the whole thing

Bleeding Through

We’ve covered Bleeding Through‘s new song stream, and now we’re steppin’ our game up by letting you know you can now stream the entire album right here.

I’m currently listening to the second track, and you know what that means? It means I didn’t stop listening to the album during the first track.


Crosses live line-up revealed


In more ‘not really metal’ news, Crosses (why do they use three T’s for their logo?) have revealed the live lineup for their upcoming tour.

The lineup is as follows (core members in bold):

  • Chino Moreno (Deftones)
  • Shaun Lopez (Far)
  • Chuck Doom
  • Chris Robyn (Far)
  • Dino Campanella (Dredg)
  • Jono Evans (Endless Hallways)

You can check their Facebook page for live dates.



Want some American Head Charge live footage?

I’ve written about the reformation of American Head Charge before, and I’ve recently stumbled on a few live clips from their recent performance at Whisky A Go Go.

Want to check out what the band sounds like? Check out the clips above (Take What I’ve Taken; Pledge Allegiance) and below (Ridicule). I actually kind of liked it, possibly because I had a soft spot for the band back in the day and I think their vocalist is overlooked (basically, a Burton C. Bell that can carry out the songs live, buuurn), but other than that, don’t expect to be amazed, especially if you’re not a fan of industrial/numetalish hard rock.

You can keep yourself updated with news on the band by following their Facebook page or Twitter account.


Let’s talk about supergroups, baby

I’ve learned about two new “supergroups” this past week. One features David Silveria (former Calvin Klein model/drummer for Korn) and the second features Dani Filth (former Versace model/vocalist for Cradle of Filth). Good thing they’re in separate bands because crossing them in one would probably result in Earth imploding just to prevent the sounds exiting our orbit and doing damage to the solar system.

The band David’s in is called Infinika, and it also features members of Anyone (as in, “Anyone ever heard about this band?), and I gotta say, the music kinda sucks. But hey, it seems they’re doing it to have fun and to pay off whatever debts and drug habits David’s picked up since leaving Korn and selling his drums on eBay. You can listen to and watch a promo clip above.

Dani’s project is called Temple of the Black Moon, and no, it’s not the next Transformers movie, it’s a band featuring Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), King (ex-Gorgoroth) and John Tempesta (The Cult). I didn’t find any clips with music previews, but if you’re really interested and like, really, really bored, you can “like” their Facebook page for further updates.



Red Fang also got a hold of some cameras

You might or might not remember Red Fang‘s last video for “Wires.” I won’t blame you if you don’t, just take it easy with the drugs, brah.

Anyway, here’s the new one. It’s called “Hank is Dead,” and it’s as Red Fang-ish as it gets, meaning, there’s a bunch of fat guys doing stuff. Just like Dose of Metal, awesome!

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