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Look what the cat dragged in! No, I don’t mean Fear Factory, my humble self!

I’m back and ready to post the shit out of all the news I’ve missed. Expect at least three new posts by the end of summer, and up to ten by the end of the year. In the meantime, enjoy this live performance of the first single from Fear Factory’s new album (can’t remember the name of the album, but it’s probably something about man versus machine), symbolically titled “Recharger.” God, I’m such an artist.



North Korea: The sequel

Kim Jong-il is dead, long live Kim Jong-un.

Also, remember the band called North Korea? We wrote about them last year when they released their first EP, The Basement Tapes Vol. 1. New year, new tapes, and the band have earlier today teased the release of the second EP, (shockingly) called The Basement Tapes Vol. 2, scheduled for release on 02 / __ / 2012 — meaning sometime in the next two weeks. We’ll keep you posted with the news of the release.

You can download the first EP (I recommend it) in exchange for a tweet or a Facebook post on this page and you can see a live clip for Master Plan B above.


Meshuggah’s new song title is long

What you can hear and see above is Meshuggah‘s new lyric video for their recently leaked track Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion.

I have no idea if the track is supposed to indicate that their new album is a concept one dealing with the rise and fall of emo subculture, but hot dayum, that’s long. That’s what she said, herp.

Anywho, it’s fucking Meshuggah, you either love it or you kinda suck.


Acoustic nu metal dubstep Korn cover will bring you success

We all know Korn as the band who invented metal ten years ago. They also reinvented it last year with their metalstep project, and  it seems now they’re about to do the same to acoustic music.

A while back Metal Hammer posted about the above cover of Korn‘s Narcissistic Cannibal by British rock band The Dirty Youth. Seems that the band heard the song, and decided to take the band on tour with them for some European dates. Our only guess is that they’ll also write a “revolutionary” acoustic album together. Oh wait


Foo Fighters win the right to be featured on this website

Foo Fighters

Because they won a “metal” Grammy. A lot of people got super pissed off about this, because the category they won is called hard rock / metal.

To explain: Dear metalheads, hard rock / metal means hard rock OR metal. Not hard rock and metal.

Either way, blame the people at Grammy’s who lumped bands like Dream Theater, Mastodon, Megadeth with Sum 41 and Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl did rock out a Slayer shirt (as seen above) so that makes it completely okay, right?

The thing I only care about is finding out if Skrillex won the best singer Grammy <3

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