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Sweet sexy succulent Satan, Ghost released their first video today

Continuing their downward spiral, the sellout band Ghost (or Ghost B.C. as they go by these days) just released their first official video, for the previously released track “Secular Haze.”

I remember those good old days of almost 13 months ago, when when this band made simple, catchy, 70’s sounding stony doom music and gave me credibility on obscure metal forums, but suddenly it feels like they’ve been making all the wrong moves. The new song is simple, catchy, 70’s sounding stony doom, and I guess it’s still pretty good, but I don’t feel as comfortable with it as I did all those moons ago. Fuck this band.



Is Robb Flynn Bane?

In the comic books, Bane deduces who the real Batman is using nothing but his smarts. Or so I’m told, comic books have way too much text for my taste.

In the real world, Rob Flynn says Randy Blythe is innocent. I don’t know if I misread the article and there was more to it (like, shit I don’t know, proof?) or we’re supposed to take his word for it. I bet Randy wishes he could do the same with the Czech legal system.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t personally think Randy’s really guilty, and I can only imagine what a hell it must be to be stuck in an Eastern Europe (I’ve been trying to get out for the past 26 years), but seriously dudes, going around saying he’s innocent without anything to back it up is like praying to fight cancer.

Massive spoilers: cancer won.


More bad news…

Speaking of stuff that belongs in the era where computer speed was determined by the number that stood next to “Pentium,” Korn have actually announced they’ve started working on a new album. No, seriously, they did.

That would probably be their third project this month, if we take the term “project” loosely and apply it to Jonathan’s Macbook and the latest random noise that came out of it.

I guess kudos to them for being so busy and always working  (something a certain someone who sleeps for 12 hours a day could look up to :(), but seriously guys, you shouldn’t. I mean, seriously, get a hobby or something. Thanks, our ears.


I have some good news, and some bad news

I have some news about Staind, and I’m not sure how you’ll take it.

First the bad news: the band’s not breaking up. The good news: they’re taking a break. That’s at least something, right?

When I saw a headline regarding Staind on another site, first I had to check my phone and see what year it was. Then I remembered they didn’t have smartphones the last time Staind were relevant and was relieved, but it was a frightening experience nonetheless. What’s next, a new album by Korn?


Of Mice and Men’s new track is out

Writing for a metal website is pretty hard, if you’re in a position like my current one where you can’t blast any music because you’re in public, and you forgot your  headphones.

Instead of my very in-depth review of the track, I’ll review “Of Mice and Men” instead.

I read the book nine years ago in my English class. I can’t remember much, but I finished reading, which is something, right? There was that creepy dude with the glove, and I’ll let psychiatrists decide if it’s important that that’s the only thing that comes to my mind.

I also remember we also watched the movie in the class, which kind of made me pissed off because I could have just seen that instead of spending two and a half years reading the book and failing my sophomore year.

Oh yeah, John Malkovich plays a retard in it.

Score: 5/10.

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