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GN’R bassist says next album will come ‘much quicker’

Tommy Stinson, bassist of Guns N’ Roses, was recently interviewed by Jason P. Woodbury of the Phoenix New Times. I mostly didn’t read the interview because I have way better things to be doing (like getting drunk or laid), but one segment did catch my eye.

Phoenix New Times: “I thought about asking if GN’R was going to do another record, but I thought that might be the worst question in the word considering how long people asked about Chinese Democracy.”

Stinson: “You know, I just see us making a record much quicker, because, in hindsight, a lot of what happened with “Chinese Democracy”, we could get around now.”

Source: Blabbermouth

Good news then GN’R fans, you’re only going to have to wait 10 years for a new album this time.


Mike Mushok of Staind interviewed

Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, (who may or may not be a character in Street Fighter) was recently interviewed by In The Now magazine. You can watch a video of the interview above.

I’m not sure exactly what was said in the video, because, well, I didn’t bother watching it.


13 is an unlucky number

Taking time out from liking the sound of his voice way too much, and talking shit about random people (plus banging on about how he’s not ready yet to make another Slipknot album), Corey Taylor has started talking about the next Stone Sour album instead (well, not really a change — he loves that shitty band).

The band apparently have 13 songs done so far, and the record is scheduled for a release next year. Which you would know, if you watch the video above (but I don’t blame you if you choose not to).

Expect the next album to be just as shit (if not more shit) as the last one and to bore everyone, besides 17 year-old-girls and testicularly-challenged men, to death.


Iron Maiden bassist’s daughter releases single and video

You can check out ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, the first video from Six Hour Sundown, the UK band featuring Lauren Harris — daughter of legendary Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris — above.

According to a press release, Six Hour Sundown “blurs the boundaries of musical genres with edgy modern rock riffs, driven by a solid rhythm section and topped off by a contemporary melody lines, delivered by a vocalist who puts her heart on the line with every performance.”

So in other words, they’re a Pop band and they suck. Oh well.

For more on the band, check out Blabbermouth.


Metallica release another unreleased song

After performing (and later releasing a studio version online) an unreleased track from the Death Magnetic sessions, Metallica have released another new track from the recording of Death Magnetic.

The song is called ‘Just a Bullet Away’ and is a lot better than ‘Hate Train’ in my opinion. That said, it’s still nothing mindblowing. A few decent riffs, a nice instrumental mid section and some mediocre vocals. Check it out below.

In other news, the band apparently performed some Lulu tracks with Lou Reed, played a song with Kid Rock, and I thanked my lucky stars I wasn’t there to witness the massacre.


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