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Debauchery release new music video

Terrible acting, lots of fake blood, playmates dancing on a tank and rocking Death Metal. This is Debauchery. So over the top and ridiculous, you’ve just got to love them.

Above you can watch the censored video of Debauchery’s new single, which comes off of Germany’s Next Death Metal, ‘Warmachines At War.’ You can watch the uncensored version here.

If you ever get a chance to catch these guys live, do it. Debauchery put the fun back into Death Metal. Definitely one of the greatest live acts I’ve ever seen.


Vote for Dusty Peterson!

First off, this isn’t really a news post. It’s a post which is supposed to support our friend Dusty Peterson. You know, the guy who did badass artworks for Bloodbath, Six Feet Under and Behold! The Monolith.

On Reign In Art, Dusty’s artwork for above mentioned Behold! The Monolith’s latest album Defender, Redeemist is up for the Album Of The Week poll. It was leading the poll for a long time, until Aborted asked their fans via Facebook to vote for their artwork of Global Flatline.

Now, since Team Aborted got to work to put Global Flatline on #1, I want you guys to support our friend Dusty and Behold! The Monolith by voting for Defender, Redeemist here. Team Dusty FTW!


Dusty playing tennis

Hey, want to know what Dusty Peterson does when he’s not writing for this awesome metal blog Dose of Metal? Wait a second, thinking about it, Dusty hasn’t written much for us lately. Lazy bastard! I can’t say I blame him though, because I enjoy being a lazy bum myself way too often. And it’s not like he’s not working, since he’ll be doing the artwork for the upcoming Six Feet Under album and I bet numerous other stuff.

But leaving all that aside, Dusty has been posting on the ConceptArt forum and he shared a very cool link on his Facebook page. Check it out yourself right here.

It’s recent and it contains bloody stuff, so I guess this counts as metal news. If it doesn’t, well fuck you. That’s all I can come up with right now. It’s almost 3 am, bite me.


Don’t drink and interview

That’s one of the most important rules when you’re a journalist, don’t get drunk when you’re supposed to interview someone. I know that alcohol and metal mostly go hand in hand, but there is a difference between sipping on a beer and getting wasted with whiskey.

When you watch the video above, you will notice that the interviewer was obviously nervous to interview Lamb Of God. We then see him shaving his head and drinking before meeting the band. He doesn’t seem like someone who’s used to drinking either. Obviously that doesn’t help at all, when your English isn’t perfect.

After all, I’m just happy that it isn’t of us fucking up in that interview. It couldn’t be, simply because we all have livers of steel and our English is fucking perfect. I wouldn’t even have to shave my head before the interview. I’m so metal, hair doesn’t even grow on my head. It’s like “Oh no, let’s not fuck with that guy. He’s just going to shave us off, let’s bug someone else instead.”

With that being said, enjoy the video above and get wasted while you’re at it. Let’s face it, you can get drunk. You’re not supposed to interview some band today, are you?


Support piracy, punch a congressman

We’ve already had two doses today, but Swashbuckle deserve their own one simply for their latest Facebook update.

 There’s no better way to support piracy but by listening to Swashbuckle right now, so do it! YARR!

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