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Friday Top 10: Our best articles of 2010

Now, you’re looking at some bad ass art from Dusty Peterson up there, plastered with shameless Dose of Metal self-promotion. We already teamed up with Dusty last week for our best news posts of 2010. This week, Dusty gives you his favorite Dose of Metal articles of 2010 but I’ll just let the man himself speak:

Last week, Dose of Metal asked me what my top ten news posts on the site were. I think it went over rather well, but I think now they are just trying to feed their own egos. “Oh well that was rather nice. Tell us what else you like about us!”. Next week we’ll have “Top Ten facial features of Dose of Metal’s staff”, I’m sure.

Seriously, though, I do enjoy the site quite a bit so I am more than happy to list my top ten articles on Dose of Metal.


Friday Top 10: Our best news posts of 2010

Now, we’re not psychiatrists, but based on his artwork (like the one above), we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t trust Dusty Peterson with a gun. Still, he is our first interviewee, a great artist and apparently likes our site, so we asked him to help us write this week’s ‘Friday Top 10.’ Here’s what he came up with:

Something I love about Dose of Metal is their brash sense of humor while delivering news posts. There are a lot of great metal blogs out there, ranging from the ball-licking to assholish, but I think Dose of Metal has like a +10 asshole sword that they wield while writing their articles. They inject their opinions into pretty much every news post, which may not sit well with your average internet pussy who get’s pissed off at people who disagree with him, but I find it refreshing.

Make no mistake, I think they are mostly all full of shit, but they are full of entertaining shit and so that’s why I visit the site! Below are my top ten news posts from last year. (I noticed there there are a lot of balls, assholes and pussies in that post… much like this site).


Dose Of Metal: Mobile friendly

With the risk of sounding cocky, we know our site is amazing. But sometimes all the amazingness is hard to handle for a mobile phone, so we’re trying to make it easier for you to access it via your favorite mobile device, without having to fill up the tiny screen with the (amazing) header or anything like that.

So now, if you access DoM on a mobile device, it will look like an iPhone app. Look here and here. Cool, huh?

It works with Android and other devices as well, not just the iPhone. Of course, at the bottom of the mobile page you can disable the look and just browse through the regular site.

Also don’t forget that our RSS feed is great to use on RSS apps and widgets, like Pulse. Look here.

Yep, we’re down with the new technology… Just like Lars.


Dose Of Metal: Now in color!

Guys, when we started this site roughly 3 and a half months ago, we decided to keep everything in black and white just for the fuck of it. But truth to be told, while it was ‘our thing,’ it wore thin after a while and all the b&w photos on our Facebook page and RSS feeds were looking pretty rough.

So we decided to switch to full colored photos starting 2011. I know it will take a while to get used to it for everyone but I think it’s ultimately for the best.

Don’t you just want to see Mustaine‘s hair in its original ginger color?

We hope you had a great NYE party and we’ll see you tomorrow when we get back to work.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Unfortunately we had to schedule this post as we’re probably out getting wasted and screwing ugly chicks right about now but still we wanted to thank you all for a great year (even though we started in September) and to assure you that 2011 will be the best year ever .

Depending on your location you’re either opening the champagne now or are a few hours into 2011 already getting cozy to the fat chick at your party. Either way, we hope you don’t regret it too much tomorrow morning and if you’re wondering why this is the first colored photo in a news post, well, you’ll see why soon.

– Dose Of Metal

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