Wayne Static needs a new look


You know, all men want to be taller, but Wayne Static puts the ‘complex’ in Napoleon Complex, because that motherfucker’s hairdo is so meticulously done, I sometimes wonder how many gallons of hair product he uses daily. I wonder if anyone told him that having a 6 inch tall hairdo doesn’t make you 6 inch taller.

However, nowadays Wayne’s hairdo isn’t looking too impressive. I don’t want to use the b-word, but let’s just say that what was once a thick black forest, is now a bunch of scarce trees in a deserted part of Louisiana. He’s Devin Townsending so fast, it’s almost sad looking at him.

Wayne, it doesn’t look like hair anymore. It looks like a bunch of random spikes poking out of your scalp. You might want to consider the Anselmo look. If you weren’t fooling anyone before with your extra hair inches, now the illusion is really failing.

Watch this interview with him and see that mess in action.

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