Maiden beer sells… But who’s buying?


I tried AC/DC beer and I wasn’t a huge fan. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but as a beer pro, imported Heineken from Amsterdam or an Austrian beer called Ottakringer is my poison of choice.

However, as a Maiden fan and an alcoholic, I really want to try this beer. I have yet to see it in stores though, but apparently it’s doing quite good in other places…

According to The Morning Advertiser, Trooper (that’s what the beer is called, yo!) has sold over 3.5 million pints without any promotion whatsoever from Robinsons, the company brewing it.

Well, duh. Iron Maiden is one of the most popular heavy metal bands of all time, and they have a hugely recognizable name. You can bet a lot of metalheads and dumbasses pretending to be metalheads have bought that beer just because of their name.

Try selling a Trivium beer without promotion, see where that gets ya.

White men came, across the sea
They brought us beer, for our misery…

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