Review: Shining lingerie

Shining, Shining, Shining is there anything the black metal masterminds don’t do? When I saw the band had released their own brand of lingerie a few weeks back I just had to get a pair for my girlfriend. After all, there’s nothing hotter than seeing a moist vagina clad in the undergarments branded by a band as sexy as Shining. Metal and sex go hand in hand after all, quite literally (err….).

You can catch my quite brilliant review of the pink g-string (also available in black, purple and red) after the jump.

So above is a shitty picture I took of the g-string myself, just to prove I did indeed buy it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of my girlfriend modelling them to prove I didn’t just buy these for myself to wear on those lonely nights, as she wouldn’t let me me post one (meanie). Well, ok, I could post a photo any ways just to annoy her, but I don’t fancy having my balls slowly removed with a stanley knife, so no photo it is (sorry pervs).

To begin, I’m going to review the service, which is boring and un-sexy, but probably quite important if you’re going to be importing like me. The g-strings themselves cost €10, which isn’t bad at all, and shipping to the UK only cost €5, so overall the panties were €15 for me (yep, I can add – go me). It took them roughly 5-7 days to arrive and I believe were dispatched the day after ordering, so you can’t really complain with service like that. You can also use Paypal for payment for those who prefer that.

Overall, €15 got me guaranteed sex and a woman dressed in Shining underwear. Both cheaper and sexier than any prostitute I’ve ever had. I cannot complain at all.

So onto the quality and design of the underwear. Well, the Shining logo looks very nice and has been applied well to the material. It doesn’t look cheap and isn’t the kind of iron on shit that cracks on cheap band t-shirts. So far so good. The ribbons and frills are a nice touch also and really add to the sexiness. One small point to make, however, is about the sizing. The site warns you that the sizes are small South European sizes, and they aren’t kidding. My girlfriend is pretty damn small (not a child or a dwarf, I promise, just petite), but even the small is really, and I mean really, quite tiny. Not that I mind though, the smaller and more revealing the better in my opinion. But I guess I’d just put that out as a warning.

To conclude, whether you’re not getting enough sex, you’re getting too much sex, and want to try a band branded g-string to inject more fun into your sex life, then these might just be for you. Next stop is the Kiss kondoms and Rammstein dildos.

You can buy Shining lingerie as well as various other merchandise over at http://www.shininglegions.com.

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