Two Metallica concerts with the Black Album

Every time Metallica goes on tour, they have to find a gimmick to help sell more tickets. The previous years it was the ‘Big Four’ motif, this year it’s the Black Album. You know, the self-titled album fans nicknamed ‘The Black Album’ because that’s when their souls turned black and they hired a poppy producer to sell more albums…

Anyway, it’s been 20 years since they sold out released that album, and even though this year would mark it’s 21st birthday, not 20th, they decided to play all of it.

Well, two shows (Rock In Rio and Rock Am Ring) have been streamed live via the internet, and you can now see Rock Am Ring after the jump, cause the other one is nowhere to be found in its entirety.

Rock Am Ring:

My Friend of Misery (Rock in Rio):

Awesome crowd at 3:20

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