Run away – Linkin Park are back

I was pretty damn happy today. Damn fucking happy in my ignorance. And then I learned that Linkin Park, not being contempt with raping my ears back in 2010 by releasing one of the shittiest albums ever, are back again.

Snippets of brand new single, ‘Burn it Down’, from the band’s forthcoming album have been doing the rounds on the internet. The verdict? It fucking sucks of course. Sounding like some desperate attempt at releasing a pop/club sounding song, Linkin Park have managed to sink even lower than previously imagined.

Luckily, Warner Bros have stepped in and are doing the world a favor. They are kindly searching the internet for any trace of the leaked snippets and having them removed. Those kind, kind, kind hearted people. Hopefully by the time you read this, the samples below will have been removed and your soul will have been saved.

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