Review: Archetype EP (2011)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted at Dose of Metal. It had to happen. At some point, I had to wake up, snap out of it and realize that I’m not a rock star (or should that be metal star?), earning millions and married to my ten wives (all of which are Playboy bunnies, of course). Enter real life: A world where I have commitments, have to earn money and pay rent. We all do it, but hey, I’m still going to bitch about it – because I can.

But sooner or later, I would need to post back on DoM, for at least my sanity’s sake. So here I am, and I figured the best way to get back into it, would be to post some reviews of the music I’ve listened to, good and bad, over the last month or so. So here we go…

Archetype self-titled EP (2011)

1. ‘Decease to Exist’ – 4:39
2. ‘The Fault of My Design’ – 3:50
3. ‘The Silence’ – 3:04
4. ‘Into Infamy’ – 4:02
5. ‘Ruination’ – 4:03

An EP logged in my recent purchases on Amazon comes from relatively unknown unsigned UK act, Archetype. The two-member melodic death metal band, hailing from my hometown, combine a fury of ferocious screams, death metal blastbeats and thrashy riffs, making them one of the more interesting melodic death bands in recent years.

Being an unsigned, young, two-member band, you could be forgiven for thinking that Archetype will be another generic At The Gates ripoff act with little talent. However, this is far from being the case. The amount of talent on display from the two members is incredible. Combining the groove of At The Gates, the triumphant melodies of Arch Enemy and the thrash style of early era The Haunted (before they went a bit shit), Archetype merge various styles, as well as their own unique progressive vision to craft what is a creative take on the melodic death metal genre, avoiding many of the pitfalls and clichés that a lot of their contemporaries fall into .

Musically, the band are on fire for the entire EP, with vocalist Danny McAuley screaming with conviction often unseen with modern metal acts. Musically, Matthew Phillips’ guitar harmonies interweave with violent chords and  pummeling drums. Additionally, the demo is full of some powerful hooks, melodies, and brilliant solos that make this a must have for fans of melodic death metal. The most interesting aspect of the songwriting, however, is the use of motifs throughout the EP, creating continuity between tracks.

Melodic death metal fans looking for something new and fresh, look no further. It’s short and sweet, but for just 3.45 Great British Pounds, you can’t go wrong with this entry EP from newcomers Archetype.

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