Robb Flynn makes fun of Lulu by stealing a joke from a meme.

Robb Flynn might be reading Dose of Metal, because he’s been asked in a recent interview about Metallica‘s Lulu, and he stole this joke from our post. Okay, so we didn’t really make that clip therefore we shouldn’t take credit for it. But we will, anyway.

I think it’s horrible. I don’t get it. The Metallica fan in me wants to think that there’s this ulterior motive that none of us can see, and it’s helping them branch out into something different. But I don’t even get what’s going on. It sounds like Grandpa Simpson rapping over fast thrash beats or something. We’re huge fans of Metallica and they’ll always be my favorite band, but that record was bizarre. It was fascinatingly bad.”

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Okay, so I agree with the guy. Lulu does sound horrible and that Simpson meme was way more accurate than it should have been. But Robb needs to learn to be funny with his own jokes. The internet is watching you, Robb. Don’t make us call Fred Durst.

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