Mike Shinoda is scoring movies now…

Mike Shinoda (Macbook user from the thrash metal band Linkin Park) is scoring movies now. The good news is, the movie looks like shit so you won’t have to sit through it and hear Mike’s awful score. The bad news is, I’m writing yet another post on someone from nu-metal.

But first, let’s laugh. Here’s Mike describing Linkin Park‘s sound:

Although we have our moments where we want to play something that’s just brutally loud and Chester’s screaming his brains out, we’re the same band that’s going to write ‘My December’ or sing something softer. Both come naturally to us, and we love to do both. Some people get turned off by one or the other, and we’re okay with that. It’s kind of unapologetic in that sense

Get it? Next time you hear those fast riffs and blistering guitar solos, just remember they have a soft side, too. Now onto the movie:

When they first contacted me about this movie, they cited a few things that I do like Fort Minor and the remixes. I knew they wanted to do stuff I like to make for fun. When I talked to Gareth Evans [Director] about it, I said, ‘For this movie, I really want to do something that’s fun for me. I don’t do film scores, but I want to get into them more. I’m interested in them. I want to go a little bit more traditional.’ He loved what I wanted to do. Some of that required creating musical themes that represented different characters and creating sonic things that represented certain characters.

He loved what you wanted to do? Guy must have awesome tastes in music… Anyway,

The main bad guy in the movie, Tama, doesn’t have a theme. He’s got a sound. It’s this one weird distorted sample that echoes out. That’s all you need. You get that in a moment, and you know it’s him. We tried to play back and forth with those elements because, in our minds, they had to really represent the characters we were portraying.

Full article here.

That’s so groundbreaking and original. I think Hans Zimmer got a time machine in 2008, came to the present day to steal that idea from Mike, then went back to 2008 and used it in The Dark Knight. You go Mike!

What’s with all these mediocre musicians scoring movies now? First Trent Hacknor, now this guy. Next thing you know, Jonathan Davis will get in on this.

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