Malevolent Creation diss the U.S. of A, yo

According to an interview with some Serbian site (they have internet in Serbia? I didn’t even know that was a country), Malevolent Creation drummer Gus Rios said the U.S. sucks, and that touring Europe is much better.


We have officially stopped touring the U.S. We hate it. We will only tour Europe, South America — basically, anywhere but the U.S. U.S. sucks. Not the country, but the conditions of touring in the U.S. are nowhere near as good as the conditions in Europe. Less fans, less support, clubs are not great.”

I’m sure Americans everywhere would feel insulted, if only they knew who the hell Malevolent Creation were.

But seriously, Americans are lazy when it comes to concerts, and that makes it hard for bands who aren’t Metallica to do successful touring over there. The good thing is I really don’t care either way…

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