Limp Bizkit will change metal. With Lil’ Wayne.

Limp Bizkit are a pretty easy and predictable target, which is why we don’t give them too much shit around here. However, once I came across this article, I couldn’t resist.

“Limp Bizkit is working on what [Fred Durst] called ‘the heaviest, most crazy metal record of all time,’ The Unquestionable Truth Part 2, which Durst said will probably be an EP. ‘That will service our core and counter balance these big, fat, ginormous hip-rock songs we’re going to do.’ said Fred.

Read full article here.

The heaviest metal record of all time? Haha, amazing statement. I don’t even know what to say, really, when you’re in Limp Bizkit and you make such a statement, it’s a bit like those crazy people who think they’re Napoleon or something.

So needless to say, I was a bit skeptical they could do a metal record. But then I heard they’re working with Lil’ Wayne. Now I believe.

Here is a clip of Lil’ Wayne doing a guitar solo. I really recommend reading the comments. Make the jump to see an equally amazing solo from Fred Durst himself…

I can’t wait to hear this album.

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