Guns N’ Roses got turned down by Reading/Leeds

Last time Axl Rose and his GNR tribute band played the two festivals, he got on stage late and pissed off a lot of fans. Because they were late and had their lineup cut short, Axl just took it out on the promoters. Well, surprise surprise, they will not book GNR again…

I’m just gonna paste something from Blabbermouth, cause why wouldn’t I?

Melvin Benn, chief executive of organizers Festival Republic, who had previously said that he would definitely book the band again, told NME.com that he would not invite GUNS again in the band’s current incarnation.

“I wouldn’t have the current lineup, certainly not at the moment. It doesn’t feel right,” he said.

When asked if he’d consider booking the band’s original lineup, Benn replied, “Of course, if it was the original lineup, I would definitely consider it and if they could tell the time, it would be fantastic. With the original lineup, it would be something very special. We’d have to give them all a watch each, but we’d certainly try to get them if they reformed.

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Come on, Melvin. Who doesn’t want his festivals delayed by at least an hour and then cut short because of the curfew? You should bring these guys back!

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