Clown thinks his band’s live show is a church

Slipknot‘s Clown (the guy who doesn’t do anything in the band) thinks his band’s live show is kind of like a church. I agree, in a ‘we’ll take your money’ sort of way.

I desire the confidence to able to create unheard of visions within my soul and not worry about the risk of society or cultural retaliation. He creates the most horrific, insane, almost heinous at times, sexual, human images of the grotesque. I would never do it for the shock factor only for the exploration of my mind, to somehow make sanity tangible by bordering on the edge. I’m all about making art tangible, taking it from my brain and having you hold it in your hands. That is as close to god as I come. It’s the same thing with my band Slipknot, when we’re on stage, it’s church. It takes two to make church, but we have nine. It’s my religion.

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