Tarja Turunen performed somewhere in Lithuania

Tarja Turunen, former Nightwish singer, performed live in Lithuania and someone taped the thing, it made it to Blabbermouth and I’m now posting it here.

Why? Because I’m scared what could happen if I didn’t. I’m also scared of making fun of her. I mean, just look at her. She looks like she’s twice as tall as me. No, seriously, I get a strong dominatrix vibe, I can’t even imagine all the kinky stuff that goes on in her bedroom. She probably makes use of her “vibrato” on the men a lot.

Now, before she finds me and kicks the living shit out of me (which isn’t an achievement really, so the joke’s on you Tarja), I’ll stop. There’s a video for Nemo above and you can play it if you want, I posted it because it’s like the only Nightwish song I know. You can also read a full article with proper words and shit on Blabbermouth.

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