Second post of 2012

It’s January 1st and yes, this is an automated post. I felt bad for not making any special posts for Christmas, and I was way too lazy to make any posts for NYE, so I just wrote this one out of boredom.

So, 2011 is over, eh? Fuck that year, 2012 is our last year according to Mayans (and probably Dave Mustaine, since the guy seems to believe in anything, really). So let’s make it count.

If you woke up next to a fat, ugly woman (or man), feel better, at least it wasn’t your hand. Now get rid of that hangover and start the year LIKE A BAWSSS.


Dose of Metal wishes you a happy new year filled with sadness, emotional distress, loud music, loads of beer, and anything else you sad fuckers enjoy.


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