OMG Sikth got themselves a Facebook page!11!


Is it a slow Saturday, or what? No, the news actually is that — Sikth SikTh registered a Facebook page FacEboOk paGe.

The reason it’s news is that the band doesn’t exist anymore. According to the info on the page, they’re only meeting the demand for official merchandise, but they left the opportunity for a reunion open.

And yes, theres un finished business. We will be back! We all feel a collective rage at the lack of uniqueness in Metal and feel we still offer something important. We are also confident that we haven’t reached our ‘St Anger’ stage of losing all perspective yet ;-). But a reunion won’t happen for a while!

Haha, they even dropped St. Anger in there, kudos. Make sure to check out their page, maybe buy some merch, who knows, if they sell enough shirts they might make the reunion a real deal after all.

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