Happy New Year, fuckers!

Happy New Year mother truckers!

What a year, huh? Our first ‘full year’ of running DoM. We started in late 2010 so 2011 was the first year we started from scratch. And now it has ended.

Don’t worry, we have a life, this post was scheduled for 12.00 am, January 1st — New York City time. If you’re reading this right at the moment of being posted, you either:

a) have no life and are stuck on the internet on NYE, which sucks for you. haha.
b) have some sort of life and are reading this on a phone, or at a computer at a party.
c) a mixture of both (like, you know, you’re home but pretending you’re at a party with a hot chick)

Either way, happy new year. We hope to make 2012 as interesting as 2011 in terms of metal blogging, but let’s face it, we probably won’t.

Anyway, get drunk, get laid, start shit, get arrested, basically have a good time. I’ll schedule another post after this one, just so you have something to read, loser…

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