The Philip/Vinnie/Rita soap opera gets renewed

Look, it sucks that Dimebag got killed, it really does. But the blaming game going on between Vinnie and Phil is getting pretty old. I’ve never met Dime, but I’m pretty sure he would not like to see this sad show.

Another Dimebash went by, and instead of the remaining members of Pantera to be there and honor Dime the way he should be honored, they’re still ‘not talking to each other.’

Props to Rita and Phil for trying to fix this… Vinnie should quit being so stubborn, Dime deserves fucking better.

Everybody still has resentment towards each other about things in the past. It’s easy to direct your anger at the wrong people. Philip didn’t murder Darrell and [he] would never have wanted that. […] Yeah, I resent Philip for becoming a jackass and a drug addict, and I’m a little sketchy about trusting him all the way yet. But some of the things he’s emailed and some of the thing he’s said — that’s the Philip I know, the ‘stronger than all.’ There’s always room in my heart for him — I love him.

Read full article here.

Way to go, Rita. Vinnie tried making Phil look like the bad guy, but all he’s doing right now is making himself the villain in all of this. Just fucking forget whatever happened in the past and make Dimebash 2012 the celebration it should have been — with a Pantera reunion.


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