Revolver has a cover full of rock legends — and Jonathan Davis

Hey, nice picture, right? Bet you never expected such a tall fucking photo on a post here, did you?

Anyway, Revolver decided to draw a lot of important metal legends on their new cover — then decided ‘fuck it, let’s also thrown in someone who is nu-metal for the lulz.’

Seriously, what is Jonathan Davis doing in front of Ozzy and Hetfield? That’s like Time magazine doing a ‘People of the year’ cover with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and The Situation.

Also, how come some of them are perfectly drawn, but others look nothing like whoever they’re supposed to be? Check out Anselmo (left, right behind Ozzy). The fuck?

This issue of Revolver is out now, and it has the ‘100 Greatest Living Rockstars’ list which will probably disappoint all of us. And if it says ‘living,’ why the fuck is Ozzy on it?

Life is full of mysteries.

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