Getting into: Malevolent Creation

I’ve always liked to discover new music. Writing reviews for Dose of Metal gave me the opportunity to discover songs, bands or even styles I’ve never paid attention to before, and then grew to love.

Shining is a good example of that. A while ago I surfed the internet for some stories about Black Metal. I’ve always been interested in this genre, and the incidents surrounding it, but never quite got into the music. So while I was reading something about Strid, one of just a few Black Metal bands I enjoyed, I was drawn into stories about Shining (a band heavily influenced by Strid). I shared those here. A Swedish Progressive Black/Doom Metal act, that I’ve never heard of before. Today, a year-or-so later, Shining are one of my favorite artists. I even managed to get fellow DoM writer Mark into them.

And now I want to dedicate a new column to the journey of getting into a band. They could be anyone: A band whose name I’ve heard of before, a band someone suggested to me (feel free to contact me about that) or just a random band I found on Metal Archives.

I want to start with Malevolent Creation. I have heard their name before, and even remember reading interviews with singer Brett Hoffmann (and later befriending him on Facebook apparently). I just never listened to any of their songs. Just today I’ve been listening to The Evil Amidst’s debut album Lords Of The Nine, and really had a great time listening to it. The Evil Amidst’s guitarist and drummer are also members of Malevolent Creation, so it only makes sense to try to get into them now.

I checked Malevolent Creation’s Metal-Archives entry to decide which album I should listen to. I chose their top-rated album Retribution. I will try to get a hold of the album, and then write down my thoughts over the course of a couple of days. After a certain amount of time (about, but not necessarily, a week), I will write a final post. In that final post I will let you know if I got into the band or not.

Let the games begin.

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