Getting into: Malevolent Creation – Day 2

Not much going on.

On the second day of trying to get into Malevolent Creation, I didn’t really get further into it. I actually didn’t listen to much music today, but those spots were saved for Cannibal Corpse and a bunch of piano covers on Youtube. However, I did listen to the yesterday mentioned ‘Slaughter Of Innocence.’ In fact, I’m listening to it again right now.

Today wasn’t positive to my mission, but the battle is not yet lost. I won’t judge too early. Sometimes you just need to be in the mood for Death Metal, and today is no such day for me. Actually I just wasn’t in the mood for much music period, not just Death Metal. These days don’t come often, but sometimes they just do.

Either way, I wouldn’t read too much into that. It doesn’t mean I’m not getting into Malevolent Creation, it just means I’m not getting into Malevolent Creation just yet.

To at least update something I talked about yesterday, the Xbox 360 update finally arrived and it’s… alright. Should be better once they include Youtube later this month.


Fuck off.

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