Getting into: Malevolent Creation – Day 1

Malevolent Creation – Between Majesty and Manowar

Malevolent Creation’s album Retribution made it into my iTunes. Due to its spelling, it has been placed between Majesty’s Hellforces and Manowar’s Battle Hymns. When you keep their respective styles in mind, this is a very odd placement. Some of you might be wondering why I’ve even got Majesty and Manowar on my computer. I simply love all kinds of metal. That’s the best explanation I can give you.

So on this first day of getting into Malevolent Creation, I’ve listened to the entire album twice so far. I must admit that during the second time I didn’t pay too much attention, but I kept listening to it in the background while checking my Xbox 360 for the announced update.

So far I’ve really enjoyed most of what I’ve heard, especially ‘Slaughter Of Innocence,’ a brutal but groovy song, with a killer breakdown. “DIE MOTHERFUCKER!” indeed. I can only say good things about the album so far and I’m kind of curious as to what the next couple of days will bring. Am I going to get sick of it fast? Am I going to listen more and more, slowly falling in love with it? I can’t really tell just now, but you’ll know more about it tomorrow when I’m posting the next part of Getting into Malevolent Creation.

[ Getting into: Malevolent Creation – Day 1 ]

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