Tuesday Trivia: The funniest (and/or worst) metal band name

Shocked soccer moms who read Dose of Metal look like this. We're awesome.

Originally, the plan for this Tuesday Trivia was to write something that would tie in with Guido’s awesome death  metal week project. Unfortunately, I had the idea of looking up funny death metal bands (yeah, they exist), which led to funny death metal band names, which further led  me to look for just generally idiotic metal band names.

You can probably figure out what this is building up to: grind.

If there ever was a genre that really pushed the boundaries on all things gross, it was grindcore/death grind/gore grind/whatever grind. I’m fairly certain around 100% of them are, you know, actually kidding, which makes it kind of okay, I guess… Either way, make the jump.

Okay, before I let you in on the name, you have to realize there is no such thing as the worst band name ever. I mean, I’m super objective (being very subjective when I say this), but even I can’t be the judge on this. The name that won the title though, was the one that made me spit out my food.

Without further ado, the band with the worst/funniest/most retarded name:

Anal Squirt Massacre

What’s even better is the first song on their MySpace playlist — Your Mom’s Next. I didn’t listen to it of course, but hey, if you’re into this sort of stuff, you’ll probably thank me. If you’re the 99% who aren’t, oh well, try to look at the funny side. #occupydom

Either way, since I already spent like three minutes googling, you might get a proper article in the form of a Top 10 very soon. Later, bitches.

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