Tuesday Trivia: Metal trivia board game


This week for Tuesday Trivia I have a short, meta and pretty kickass “Did you know?” for you guys (and that one girl from Thailand).

Make the jump!

Did you know (and if you read the post title I presume you figured this one out) that there is an actual heavy metal trivia board game?

It’s called Metal Mental Meltdown (a nod to the Judas Priest song — more trivia!) and “the world’s first heavy metal trivia board game” was released in 1999, to unknown success – I presume not that great because, well, I never heard of it before. Over a few thousand questions from the time range of 70s, 80s and 90s are divided into four categories (from easiest to heaviest): Head Bangers, Cranium Crackers, Skull Krushers and Mental Meltdown.

Sounds fun, right? I imagine this being a hit with the Scandinavian church burning crowds, you chill at home, play a few rounds of this, have a few drinks then go on about with your business. Awesome! Especially since we know that translated into real life, this means you would probably just be taking a break from World of Warcraft when playing this.

I wish I could write more about this, but hey, if you are interested, you can check out more photos and user review over at BoardGameGeek and read the interview with the guy who made it over here.

Metal Mental Meltdown

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