The Metallica contest no one wants to win

400 unlucky Metallica fans will attend a performance from Lou Reed and Metallica for some radio station in Germany.

Germany gave us a lot of good music, but they also gave us Tokio Hotel, and let’s not forget David Hasselhoff’s music is popular there (so is Limp Bizkit’s), so let’s take their events with a grain of salt.

Anyway, yeah, people will be able to enter a contest to win tickets to the event, but who really wants to, anyway? We can all go to our local nursing homes with a few Metallica instrumentals, and we’re likely to get better music than Lulu.

The concert will be broadcast on 1LIVE and Metallica.de, and after it’s done airing, the recording will be available on LouReedMetallica.com. In other words, you have three sites you have to avoid.

I will do you a huge favor and will not give more details on the gig. You’re welcome.

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