Devin Townsend likes it big

Devin Townsend is currently planning the biggest show of his career, set to take place next October in London (wow, in my country? Awesome). Who knows, maybe between now and then my girlfriend might have texted me back.

This news comes after last week’s highly successful the Devin Townsend Project shows in London. Devin commented:

“So here’s the next big gig: Next October 27th, at the amazing Roundhouse in London, We’re putting on the most definitive ‘Devin‘ show to date. A culmination of my ENTIRE career with a star lineup and full supporting cast. The show is being called ‘The Retinal Circus’, (named after an old Vancouver club in the ’60s, famous for psychedelic rock shows) and will be more than just a musical performance… there will be an art exhibition, actors, Ziltoid, stilt walkers, fire breathers… you name it.”

Source: Blabbermouth

Wait a second… art exhibition? Stilt walkers? Jeeze, I just want to go to a metal gig, have a few drinks, maybe punch a few kids and hopefully see some tits at the end of it. I don’t need any art crap thanks.

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