Tuesday Trivia: The one Kiss product we won’t make fun of

We’ve written extensively about Kiss products, from kaskets to kondoms. We obviously also made plenty of fun regarding them. I mean, the only reason I’m posting the trailer for their movie “Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park” above is so you can laugh even if you find my humor weak and this article lame. Plus some of you might find that corn-fest new, so I’m doing a double job, really.

After you’ve done laughing, get ready to take a look at one thing that bears the Kiss name that I could actually check out that might not be complete shit (hence the trivia). Read on to find out what it is.

Kiss comics


How predictable was this? Well, you know us. Or me actually, some of the other people at Dose of Metal might actually have lives. Since I don’t, if given a chance to choose a Kiss product, this would probably be the one.

The original Kiss comics go way back to 1977, when Kiss sold out teamed up with Marvel to produce a special full color comic book. So special, that the red ink used to color it actually contained blood from the band members. Like, wow. There was also another issue in 1979, followed by a long break, which stopped with the resurgence of interest in Kiss (and I guess them firing their sloppy 80’s marketing team) in the 90’s, with Kiss: Psycho Circus reaching a certain level of popularity. None of them can possibly be worse than the movie. I mean, seriously, take another look at that, I’m still laughing.

That’s all for this week, but consider this post an icebreaker, because next time, I’m bringing you the ultimate combo of metal and nerdgasm when we expand on this very subject. Until next week, stay metal, stay fans of comic books and stay virgins. See ya!

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