Nightwish mainman talks… Imaginaerum?

Mainman? Man? Nightwish have a mainman? Is that a man above? To be honest, I’ve only ever noticed the chick, because, well, I’m still a horny teenager within this old man’s body, truth be told. Also, their music is a bit shit, so I have to find something else to occupy my mind with whenever they come on the telly (or somehow make their way onto my laptop screen).

Regardless, their “mainman” is being interviewed in the video above by Finnish television channel TV4. In the interview, the dude discusses Imaginaerum, which I think is a space ship, or possibly even a new brand of condoms. I’m not sure, you’ll have to watch the video yourselves if you wish to find out. Enjoy (or don’t – depending on your taste, or lack of it).

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