Lulu makes AJFA sound like the first Ramones album, according to Lars Ulrich

Rolling Stone conducted an interview with both Lou Reed and members of Metallica, and it’s mostly the same cliché stuff like “You have to feel it” and “This is really unique!” (yes, they really say those things).

But one quote definitely caught my attention:

a few days after Lulu is mastered, Ulrich describes listening to the album on a late-night car ride. ‘I was overwhelmed,’ he confesses. ‘I also felt,’This is really unique.” How unique? He laughs. ‘This makes… And Justice for All sound like the first Ramones album.‘”

Read full article here.

Say what? Dude, is you crazy?

Listen, AJFA is my favorite Metallica album, and I consider it their best (or second best, really on par with MoP). How can you even include that album when talking about this experimental stuff? Jeez, Lars, I’m so disappointed.

I get that the guys are trying to hype up their release, I also get that they might be proud of it, but leave the 80s Metallica albums out of it, for the love of God, it’s borderline blasphemous to use them in the same sentence.

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