Losing your child to Metal

Losing your child to Metal is perhaps one of the worst things parents have to go through. If your parents are conservative assholes that believe the X Factor is a good role model for their kids, that is.

Writing for British tabloid, Daily Mail (we call it the Daily Fail over here, because we’re funny bastards), Diana Appleyard expresses a genuine concern for her 18-year-old daughter’s love for Metal, and in particular, her dress sense. Poor Diana, her daughter Charlotte would rather go to Metal gigs than pony clubs, and rather wear band tees and piercings than “normal” clothes.

“Charlie idolises various ‘metal’ rock bands, and dresses uniformly in black, with lots of leather and graffiti-strewn T-shirts. I try to buy her ‘normal’ clothing, but it stays firmly in the wardrobe. She loves the ‘biker-chick’ look, and seems to be deliberately cultivating a tough and streetwise image which, I believe, is completely at odds with her sweet, dreamy personality

Daily Mail

I agree Diana, it’s disgraceful. You should remove that Bring Me The Horizon shirt from her at once and give her a Slayer shirt to wear instead. That would be much better. Actually, on second thoughts, just remove the shirt and leave it at that…

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