I predict a riot

Props to Bring Me The Horizon. Words I never thought I would say, despite jokes about their music starting riots, the band handled things pretty well.

Vocalist Oli Sykes was assaulted on stage during the band’s headlining performance last night (Monday, October 3) at In The Venue in Salt Lake City, Utah. Certain members of the crowd began bottling the band, which prompted Sykes to bottle the people in question back following a warning “if you don’t like our band, then get the fuck out”. During this alteration, several “fans” jumped the stage and assaulted the band. It makes for pretty hilarious viewing, so I definitely advise watching the video above.

Honestly though… You’d expect myself, a writer for Dose of Metal (like many of the commenters at Blabbermouth),  to either make wise cracks or support the morons in question, but I have full support for the band. Personally, I find those that heckle or bottle bands to be fucking self-riotous, ignorant human beings. These particular people in question are particularly stupid, however, as they paid to see Bring Me The Horizon at a headlining show. Why would they even do that, if they hate the band so much? Even if it’s just to see a supporting band they like, Oli is right: “don’t like the music, then fuck off”.

Update: Upon reading Oli Sykes blog (why I did that, God only knows), it would appear that Oli claims he ‘didn’t receive so much as a scratch’ and yada-yada, read it for yourself if you care.

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