Friday Top 10: Worst band transformations, part 2

Another Friday, another Top 10. Except this one is the same as the last one.

Well, kind of. Continuing from last time, we take a look at ten more examples of band transformations we could have lived without. Note that the list is not really in a particular order, and then make the jump.

#10 – Guns N’ Roses! OH MY GOD!

Photo choice fail

Is it White Zombie? Is it Ministry? Is it a plane? No, it’s Axl Rose experimenting with industrial. I actually kind of like this song, but it’s probably not what the usual GNR fan would expect. Then again, GNR fans can only expect the band to arrive late at the show and then fight with them, so I wouldn’t call them smart or anything.

#9 – Marilyn Manson has feelings. Obviously.

Did he break her glasses? Or at least her nose?

I picture Marilyn Manson as the type of guy that would go to Paris to hang out with some college dropout artist who makes sculptures out of his own feces, simply because he’s that kind of guy and he “gets it.” I can live with that.

The problem is the Marilyn Manson who started making albums about his failed marriages and his underage girlfriends.

#8 – Arch Enemy

Voice of an angel

Yeah, I’m going there. When Arch Enemy changed their frontman, they changed him alright — they got a girl to sing instead. Well, “sing” actually. Frau Angela Gossow replaced Johan Liiva and it marked a pretty huge transformation. I don’t know if anyone even remembers the old Arch Enemy nowadays, so I can’t really call this a bad transformation. Or can I? Or did I?

#7 – Kiss goes “Pink Floyd” all over everyone’s ass

A world without heroes. Whatevs.

Yeah, Kiss had a prog phase. Not kidding. Stick around until the end of the video, you even see Gene Simmons shed a tear.

#6 – Metallica cuts their hair off, makes Load and Reload

Someone say Heart Shaped Box?

Just to be clear, I have no problems with them changing their image. I mean, it’s not like metal is in someone’s hair. Except maybe it was when it comes to Metallica. Load and Reload weren’t really that bad as some make them out to be, they just weren’t… you know, metal.

#5 – In Flames reroute to remain

Soundtrack to selling out

I love it when the album name speaks for it self. Giving their music a major commercial boost, In Flames also gained popularity in the United States. Can you really blame them? Well, yeah, of course you can, but would you do the same? Of course you would. Sountrack to Your Escape came after it, getting even more close the “commercial sound,” whatever that might mean. Of course, they had a “back to roots” album coming out shortly.

Speaking of which…

#4 – Korn remember who they are

Leave JD alone

Here’s Korn‘s idea for a “back to roots” album: Jonathan will start wearing his Adidas tracksuit again, and they’ll hire Ross Robinson to get them sonically closer to their first two albums. Everything else, including, you know, two original members was gone — decent songwriting lacking the most on the album.

They forgot who they were quite quickly, since they’re going dubstep these days (read last week’s Top 10).

#3 – Metallouca


Lou Reed and Metallica decided to make an album, and instead made an internet meme. That is all.

#2 – Ozzy Osbourne transforms into a clown

The Prince of Darkness

On MTV. We were there to witness. Not that we asked for it.

#1 – Linkin Park goes “Radiohead” all over everyone’s ass

Jungle is massive!

Remember A Thousand Suns? *cricket sounds*

It’s not like we miss the old angsty no-one-understands-me-I’ll-go-sit-in-the-corner Linkin Park sound (actually them “transforming” into a breakup would be for the best), but this album was such a forced effort to sound mature and “experimental” (by the way, I’m not kidding about the Radiohead part, some critics compared them). We’re not really complaining, because it gave us plenty of opportunities to make fun of them. Like that one time… And this one now.

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