Let’s talk about Mike Portnoy

Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy thinks he will rejoin his former band sometime. Wishful thinking ftmfw.

I never say never. They’ve moved on and I’ve moved on. Mike Mangini’s an amazing drummer. But if the opportunity presented itself a few years down the road and I was available, I would definitely consider it. That band was my heart and soul for 25 years. There’s too much history there to ignore.

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At least he has nice things to say about his replacement. I never understood why musicians were mad at the guys that replaced them. It’s like being mad at your former lover’s new boyfriend. If you split up before they met, why would you hate him? Just hate her.

I’m full of life lessons, should you need some.

Anyway, back to this Dream Theater shit. I appreciate Mike’s kind words to Mike ver 2.0, but I still think his optimism is funny. Especially since this is what Jordan Rudess had to say about him:

But the bottom line is, when Mike left, it left four guys there — four all very capable, qualified musical people — that weren’t really at the true capacity of what we all could do. Because Mike was a very controlling person in his role in the band. So it wasn’t so much about us not being able to do something; it was about the way that the positioning of the band, it was just going in a certain way, and now that we’re in this other phase, we’re just excited because we get to pretty much continuing writing music the way we were, but we get to kind of say, ‘OK, we’re moving on, we’re gonna do our thing and write the music.’

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Whoops. Tough luck Mike, looks like the band is just ready to move on and is feeling great.

Exit optimism. Enter realism.

God, I write the dumbest fucking lines ever. Shit.

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