Kirk Hammett thinks you’re rich too

The thing about being in Metallica is, sometimes you probably forget not everyone in the world is worth 200 zillion dollars. We all remember Hetfield casually talking about traveling in a private jet, as if everyone reading that could relate, right?

Well, seems like he’s not the only guitarist in Metallica who assumes everyone else is loaded, too. Kirk just released his own guitar straps, and guess what — they can cost up to $550 each.

Kirk, that is more money than most of your fans spend on their guitars. Hell, Dave probably can’t afford that, what makes you think your fans do?

That’s the strap in the photo above, which I stole got off his site, and in all fairness, the $550 one is the most expensive model. The prices range from $150 to $200 for the other three models, but that’s still a lot in my opinion.

I can’t comment on how great they are, but judging from the photos, they seem like they’re pretty well made. But again, I’ve seen guitar/amp combos cheaper than those straps, kids who want to grow up and play guitar like Kirk (a dying breed, btw, everyone just wants a Macbook to do dubstep nowadays) will most likely not afford them. Professional musicians who can afford it probably don’t care for the Hammett signature.

But hey, good luck with your business venture, and feel free to ship me a few if you want a review. I’ve already reviewed Jaymz’ picks some time ago, and that was all out of my own pocket. Throw in an autographed CD, and I’ll review the shit out of them, say they were handcrafted by God himself. [/shameless whore]

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