Joey Belladonna thinks he’s a ‘last resort’

Current Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna thinks he’s the band’s last resort, revealing in a recent interview that he’s, well, a ‘great last resort.’

It’s interesting to think that I’m the last resort and sadly enough I think that I’m a great choice to have as a last resort [laughs]. It does seem to be that way as I’m never at the top of their agenda and all I can really do is smirk as I can’t fuss over it or cry over it and nor do I want to do any of the above.

Read full interview here.

LULWUT? Maybe you shouldn’t admit this to the press, Joey. You do know the other members can read the internet too, right? It’s how the web works.

Seems just like a piece of gossip that might eventually create some tension within the band, is all. I mean, if you have something to say, just say it to them, not to some ‘rock website.’ Just my two cents, though. You shouldn’t listen to me. The only band I had was when the other nerds from my class came over for grape juice and Rock Band. ON A FRIDAY NIGHT.

Porn > Rock Band, in case you had any questions.

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