Hear the new Mastodon album right here!

Mastodon, besides being one of those weird Japanese mech robots from Power Rangers, is also one of the best modern Metal bands to come out of the noughties. Well, at least that’s what all the Metal magazines have been telling me for the past 6 odd years. And Metal magazines are always right (just look at those 5/5 Limp Bizkit and Korn album reviews from 1999 for proof).

Here at Dose of Metal though, despite my digs above (which should be taken in jest), we can offer you, exclusively, a stream of the entire new album, The Hunter. And when I say “exclusively”, I mean we’ve just embedded the Youtube stream which the band themselves uploaded (and I in turn stole from Blabbermouth anyways). We’re still fucking awesome though!

Listen to the entire album above. It has pretty accompanying imagery. And if you’re thinking “wow this album kicks ass”, you can pre-order the album here. It comes out September 27 in North America.

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