Friday Top 10: Most read DoM articles

It’s our birthday tomorrow, that means we’ll be exactly 1 year old. So what to do for a Top 10 other than list our 10 most read articles?

It’s pretty appropriate, because a lot of the articles in this top are actually ‘Friday Top 10s,’ which is pretty surprising considering how dumb we are.

Anyway, if you ever wondered what our readers like, this is the most interesting article that you will read tonight. If you are a sensible person with a decent taste in blogging, what the fuck are you doing here?

This top was based on our stats from September 2010 to today, and as a bonus, I’ve included 10 runner-ups — This is basically a Top 20.

So yeah, make the jump and let’s go!

#10 – Interview: Andy McKee

You know Andy McKee, he’s gone viral a few years ago with his ‘Drifting’ performance.

Andy stumbled upon one of our Top 10s (which incidentally is in this Top 10, a bit higher up) where his guitar was included. He has a sense of humor, so he posted the link on his Facebook, which resulted in a massive amount of people reading and commenting on it.

Anyway, we offered to interview him, he immediately accepted, so this article came together.

I really like the interview and he really is one of my favorite guitarists.

#9 – Kerrang votes most influential rock bands

Guido wrote this piece of news, and for some reason it just has a lot of views. The amount of Green Day talk in the Facebook comments suggests some Green Day source linked to us, or something.

The story itself is just Guido listing the top and writing his opinion on each band. Surprise surprise, he doesn’t like Green Day that much.

Not much else to say, really, so let’s move along.

#8 – Friday Top 10: Most brutal album covers

The title says it all, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Click that bitch and read the article, especially if you like your covers ‘brutal’ — See what I did there?

#7 –  Review: Trivium – In Waves (special edition)

Mark felt the need to review the special edition of In Waves by Trivium. For some reason, people felt the need to read that review a lot.

There is balance in the universe, if you don’t count my oversized left nut.

#6 – Friday Top 10: Worst album covers

Also Mark’s article, this one pokes fun at ten awful album covers. The #1 entry would be pretty predictable, if anyone actually remembered that album anymore.

No one does so, I guess it’s a shock. <insert smiley face here>

#5 – Friday Top 10: Best live albums

Guido showed us ten of his favorite live albums. Or rather, what he considers the best albums. It’s a pretty subjective article, but Guido’s opinion is better than yours, so his top is pretty definitive.

Thou shalt agree with everything thy master Guido says… Bitch.

#4 – Pain is inspiration (a shining view on Black Metal)

The only 2010 entry here, and the only rant. Guido talks about the band Shining and other stuff.

Just go read it, fucker.

#3 – Friday Top 10: Ridiculous metal tatts

This is the followup article to the one below. Guess the sequel is never as popular as the first one, huh?

The title says it all, Mark simply ranks the atrocity of some of our rockstars’ tattoos.

#2 – Friday Top 10: Badass metal tatts

Like I wrote above, this is the original ‘tattoo’ Top 10 which Mark posted before he wrote the other one. Not surprising it’s popular, the top four entries are basically metal royalty.

#1 – Friday Top 10: Ugliest guitars

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. I’m proud to say that my top 10 is by far our most popular article. We’ve had a lot of help from our buddy Andy McKee for linking to it, but it’s still something.

We get a decent amount of traffic here at DoM, but as you noticed, we don’t really get too many comments or Facebook likes. I guess people just use us for reading and then throw us away. 🙁

But this article has over 1,070 likes and a total of 50 comments (Facebook and WordPress ones). It was actually shocking, I remember posting it and going to sleep, then waking up and seeing all the likes, I thought it was a glitch.

The funny thing is that everyone took it seriously and got annoyed, one of the few who got the joke was Andy McKee himself, who was in the actual top. Goes to show that musicians are smarter than their fans.

So this is it, folks. These are our most popular pieces. We have other articles I am proud of which are not as popular, which is a shame, but that’s the way it is. Just because it’s our birthday tomorrow, to celebrate the site and our writing, here are the runner-ups to this top.

#11 – New Down album in 2011
#12 – Review: Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising
#13 – Interview: Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal
#14 – Phil Anselmo interviews some footballer
#15 – Friday Top 10: Best looking guitars
#16 – Review: The Big Four live from Sofia
#17 – Live Review: Six Feet Under 04.04.2011
#18 – Tuesday Trivia: The most fucked up
#19 – Friday Top 10: Worst albums of 2010
#20 – The main difference between Black and Death Metal is

That’s it. Join us this weekend for some special ‘birthday posts’ and a giveaway. And thanks for reading our site.

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