Friday Top 10: Live videos I enjoy

It’s a very slow Friday here at the Dose of Metal office, probably because we don’t have one.

Anyway, since we don’t have a great Top 10 for today, instead of just not posting one, I’ve decided to do a half-assed one. Well, everything on this site is half-assed, so this would be more of a ‘quarter-assed’ article.

So this is a list of ten live videos I enjoy. If you can’t cope with so much mediocrity, please understand that it’s not our fault our moms drank vodka during our pregnancies.

We also used that photo of a crowd that a reader sent to us, just to show how racially diverse we are, yo.

#10 – Queens Of The Stone Age – Avon (w/ Dave Grohl)

I know, I know, not exactly metal, but I really like QOTSA. And this performance is with Dave Grohl, which makes it pretty awesome, especially with the drum solo at 2:57.

#9 – Steve Vai – For The Love Of God

Again, maybe not the choice of the average elitist metalhead, but Steve Vai is an amazing guitarist. Check out his fingers at around 4:30… If I had that speed, my girlfriend would pretty much throw away her dildo.

#8 – Slayer – Raining Blood

Now we’re talking, eh? Finally a clip worthy of this site’s name.

I’m not the biggest Slayer fan myself, but I was actually there at that gig, drunk on beer, some Serbian dude was offering me his homemade rakija, it was a good time.

#7 – Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Love this song. Who doesn’t, right?

People give Ozzy a lot of shit, but I’ve never seen Black Sabbath live, and Heaven & Hell were supposed to play the festival the clip above is from, but couldn’t make it for obvious reasons. So maybe this clip is me acting out my metal fantasy of finally seeing the band that started it all.

Or maybe I’m just dumb. Or both.

#6 – Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

I’m a quarter Russian myself, so I can make fun of our favorite vodka drinking people.

God that festival was a mess, the only other time you’ll see so many guys in leather getting beaten up is in Rob Halford’s dressing room.


#5 – Rammstein – Du Hast

I’ve missed Rammstein when they played in my city, and I totally regret it now. The Germans can really put on a great show and light the house on fire — quite literally.

There’s an Anne Frank joke in there somewhere.

#4 – Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls

You’re probably wondering why I chose this video, from all the classic live vids from the early 90s or late 80s. Well, it’s because I simply love Rob’s solo at the beginning. I wonder why he doesn’t play it all the time…

#3 – Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction

Listen. To. That. Crowd.

They sing the riffs as well, that’s awesome. I wish I’d make it to South America someday for a gig, they really know how to be a crowd. They also have a lot of hot girls. Fine, I’d go mostly for the girls, but a concert would be nice too.


#2 – Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark

Very underrated Maiden song, if you ask me. I mean, I do know a lot of people who love it, but it doesn’t get the praise it should. The way the riff kicks in after the slow intro is my favorite moment in a Maiden song.

#1 – AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

I get goose bumps whenever I see a live clip from AC/DC. I got bigger goose bumps (and shriveled dick) when I saw them live. This is THE band to see live, period. The only criticism I have is that they don’t change up the setlist. But why would they? They rule you and everyone you know, they can do what they want.

Didn’t go for the obvious ‘Back In Black’ choice because I’m special.

So there you have it, ten of my favorite YouTube live clips ranked only by how much I like ’em. Hope you liked this tame and below average Top 10. Stay tuned next week while we set the bar even lower.

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