Filth sells… but who’s buying?

Last year’s Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, released by the Linkin Park/Britney Spears techno influenced tribute act, Cradle of Filth, didn’t sell too badly. It seemed to make the charts across various countries in the world, if you choose to believe Wikipedia, that is. So, perhaps that’s why the band have decided to release a new mini-album full of remixes, live shit, and B-sides from the Darkly Darkly sessions. I mean, if you can sell shit once, why not repackage it and try to sell it again, right?

Scheduled for a October 17 release, Evermore Darkly will be a CD/DVD package that includes new tracks, remixes, rarities, an on-the-road documentary and the band’s entire set from this year’s Graspop festival in Belgium.

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