Esoteric reveal new album and tour details

This news is actually a little old. Two weeks old to be exact. The reason being, needs me to explain an journey of epic proportions that has led me washed ashore following abduction by pirates and being anal probed by aliens. If it wasn’t for these events, I definitely would have posted the news two weeks ago, when it was still “new”, I promise.

As previously announced, Esoteric’s forthcoming album is entitled Paragon of Dissonance and will be out on November 11th (November 15th in the US). Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting of the British doomsters’ sixth full-length:

CD 1:

1. Abandonment

2. Loss of Will

3. Cipher

4. Non Being

CD 2:

1. Aberration

2. Disconsolate

3. Torrent of Ills

Esoteric are also set to tour in October, with dates in Ukraine and the UK having been announced so far. For all the dates (Which I’m too lazy to type out), check out the band’s Facebook page. I guarantee it’s more interesting than that ugly chick you keep stalking (and P.S. That’s my mom, so seriously, stop it sicko!).

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