David Ellefson wants to give talent back to God

Both Daves in Megadeth are pretty religious, but only one of them wants give God some of his talent back.

This is what David Ellefson said in a recent interview:

God gave me my musical talent so I found it fitting that for a few years I should give some of it back to Him for his use

Read full interview here.

God sure could use it, I’ve heard Him play bass and He sucks.

Seriously, this quote is so easy to misinterpret and make fun of, that I’m not even gonna try. I actually like David a lot, and I’m very happy he’s back in Megadeth, so I’ll let this slide… But you can all submit your own God/David/Megadeth/bass jokes below:

    If they’re funny, you’ll have the honor of making me laugh. Good luck!

    Source: Blabbermouth

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