Bush has a video


Imagine what a George W. sextape would look like… Yuck.

No, not that Bush, the Bush you might remember if you were alive in the 90’s. Hey, if we can make fun of Nickelback and Godsmack, we can at least do the same with Gwen Stefani’s husband. I’m kidding, I can’t make fun of Gavin, because he’s clearly married to a witch. I mean, how can you explain her looking exactly the fucking same over the last 15 years. Spells, that’s how you explain it, and I don’t want to have anything with that shit.

Back on topic, apparently the band have a video out for their song “The Sound of Winter.” According to Blabbermouth it can be seen on their page, but all I got is a blank square, but hey, you might be more lucky, check the article here. You can also see a lyrics video after the jump, just so I’d justify the post title.

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