Sepultura’s Wacken proshot footage posted online

… and it’s proper whack! Lame pun attempts aside, the band’s full one hour set at this year’s Wacken Open Air Fest has been posted online. I’d usually just skip to the two best songs Sepultura ever made, Roots Bloody Roots and Bullet the Blue Sky, but someone though that it would be a good idea to post the full show as one huge video, plus, they didn’t even play the better song of the two. Plus the crazy people are jumping to apparently new songs like Kairos. What the hell? Proper whack!

You can check the playlist after the jump.

01 – Intro/Arise
02 – Refuse/Resist
03 – Kairos
04 – Just One Fix (Ministry cover)
05 – Convicted In Life
06 – Choke
07 – What I Do!
08 – Relentless
09 – Troops Of Doom
10 – Territory
11 – Inner Self
12 – Ratamahatta
13 – Roots Bloody Roots

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